Christian Education

We believe that God has not only tasked us to care for his abandoned children, but to train them up in the way they should go so that they should not depart from the faith when they continue life's journey after leaving our care. For what would be their fate in eternity, if having turned from the faith, their names are blotted out of the book of life? We are so strongly convicted with our responsibility of spiritual covering that we have provided to our graduating teens a university program of continuing christian education.

For many years now we have partnered with "Life Christian University" head quartered in Tampa, FL, USA. This college level program provides for their continuing biblical training if they choose to take advantage of it. As our kids go out into the secular world we want them to be well equipped to give an answer for the faith that is within them. This program has become so successful that we now have satellite "LCU" campuses around the world. There are currently four in India, one in Myanmar, one in Cambodia, and one soon coming on line in Guatemala. In fact, many Christians in the areas near our "LCU" campuses are also enrolling as it is often the only christian university program available in their language.

Already we have had hundreds of local adult graduates even up to the masters degree level. We are so grateful to God for allowing us to develop and facilitate kingdom workers in this way. We know that many of them will become servant leaders, missionaries, and even pastors and evangelists.

PFM is committed to do our part in the training and equipping of disciples to be sent out, ordained, and set in place to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in some of the darkest places on earth.

Children's Education

Investing in the lives of children is a value that People for Missions will not compromise. We are dedicated to preparing our children for the demands of successful Christian living.

Our primary means of children’s education happens within Houses of Hope International. Under People for Missions, Houses of Hope provides children with a loving and nurturing family that instills Godly principles and allows them to grow into their calling.

All of our HOHI campuses include a private Christian school equipped with excellent teachers and ample school supplies. The children also have the opportunity to get involved in a host of wonderful academic and recreational activities.

We are dedicated to educating students in a nurturing and supportive environment, encouraging the development of Godliness, discipline and confidence. Our schools and dedicated teachers around the world insure that each precious child receives the academic attention needed to develop and grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Our goal is to see HOHI graduates, whose lives reflect Christian values, prepared spiritually, academically, and vocationally for the demands of responsible living. Our graduates will be ready to accept the call to serve the Lord wholeheartedly!

We are adamant about education because we know that knowledge breeds leaders and world changers!