Our Vision and Values

At PFM, we have a simple but powerful vision:

We want to see Jesus glorified in and through leaders and churches throughout the world.

We are called to plant and serve vibrant, reproductive pattern churches around the world. Our people and efforts actively connect to healthy local churches. This is the best way for people become more like Christ.

We aspire to establish well-rounded Schools of Ministry for national leaders. The focus of each school would be to equip leaders to creatively fulfill PFM’s model, values and vision.

We aim to establish one hundred Houses of Hope worldwide. The Scriptural calling to children and widows is also a divine strategy to open doors and affect nations. We are committed to working hand-in-glove with those who love the destitute and fatherless.

We are called to develop one thousand new missionaries who carry PFM’s vision and heart in our lifetime. A primary strategy for this will include training bases in the USA, Guatemala, and India that focus on language, culture, and ministry preparation.

We are committed to serve churches and groups outside of ourselves. We value the entire Body of Christ, and will never be limited to just helping those who are within our own circles.

Key Values of People for Missions:

Humility: We wish to remain open, submitted and pliable to adjustments and further vision that the Lord shows us as we go step by step with Him and His people everywhere.

Balance: We want to minimize mistakes, be careful not to burn out, and have our families in order. We do not want to get stuck in ruts or routines.

Urgency: We want to pray and work while we have the life in us to do it. Laying aside anything that will hinder us, we will give our lives as living sacrifices to extend God's kingdom.

Devotion: More than anything, we want to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, and someday hear those words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."