Vinnie has been traveling internationally since 1988 and has been an initiator of many projects in various countries all over the world ever since. It was in 1989 that Vinnie became involved with People For Missions. The Houses of Hope story began when a team, including Vinnie, traveled to Guatemala with the intention of planting churches. Their hearts were broken for the greater need that they saw there: Children-abandoned, in crisis, and without homes. It quickly became clear to the team that the children needed to be rescued. As a result, Houses of Hope International was established. Houses of Hope purposes to provide a nurturing environment where the children gain a sense of unity in family. To this day, each House of Hope around the world accomplishes that, and more.

Vinnie’s knowledge of business management as well as his expertise in the construction industry has been instrumental in the running of this continually expanding organization. Twelve years ago Vinnie was appointed as an associate director of the PFM/HOHI. Then in 2007 Vinnie was honored to serve as the Executive Director.